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    Spotlight on the Advantages of Working With Advanced Garage Door

    Last updated 2 hours 26 minutes ago

    Your garage door is a hardworking element of your home. It is also a large, complicated system that should not be repaired or replaced on your own. If you need garage door repairs or service in Austin, contact Advanced Garage Door for top-quality customer service and satisfaction with the final look and function of your garage door

    We Sell and Install Garage Doors
    Whether you are building a new home, upgrading an old one, or simply need a new garage door out of necessity, Advanced Garage Door can help. We sell and install garage doors, including wooden and metal door options. Our company offers a range of the best belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive garage door openers available so you can enjoy unparalleled function with a state-of-the-art system. Your purchase includes a free installation estimate and fast, effective installation service so you won’t have to wait for your new garage door.

    We Offer Excellent Customer Service
    At Advanced Garage Door, we are dedicated to providing top-quality customer service. Our family-owned and operated garage door business offers you four decades and two generations of service and experience. Our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful. They will arrive early or on time—but never late—and perform a free safety evaluation with every service call. Additionally, when you call Advanced Garage Door, you’ll speak with the owner so you are assured fast, accurate answers and service every time.

    We Can Fix Everything
    Whether your garage door simply needs adjustments or must be entirely replaced, Advanced Garage Door can handle the job. Because we offer services that include maintenance, repairs, and installation, you won’t need to worry about calling more than one company to handle your problem. No matter the issue, we can evaluate your garage door and provide the service necessary to restore your garage’s appearance and functionality.

    Advanced Garage Door of Austin is pleased to offer garage door sales and repair. We always put the customer first to ensure you are beyond pleased with your service. Call (512) 258-7878 or visit our website to contact us today.

    Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door Clean

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Over time, dirt and debris can damage your garage door and opener system. Keeping these hardworking components of your Austin home clean will enhance the look of your home’s exterior and prolong the lifetime of your garage door.

    One of the easiest ways to maintain your garage door is to clean it regularly with a household cleaner to remove dirt and other buildup. Finish by rinsing the surface with a garden hose to remove any soap or residue. You can get more tips for cleaning your garage door by watching this short video.

    Are you in need of garage door repair or replacement in Austin? Call Advanced Garage Door today at (512) 258-7878 to discuss your options with an experienced garage door repair specialist. You can find more information about how to clean, maintain, and repair your garage door on our blog.

    How Weather Affects Garage Doors

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Your garage door is part of your home’s exterior, standing up to sun, wind, rain, and snow. Changes in the weather can have a dramatic impact on the look and function of your garage door. If you are experiencing weather-related problems with your door or opener, an experienced technician can help you find the right solution. 

    Electrical Storms
    Power surges caused by electrical storms can destroy the delicate electronics inside the opener, requiring replacement to restore normal function. If you live in an area prone to storm-related electrical surges, you can take steps to protect your garage door opener from a power surge. Rather than plugging your garage door opener directly into the wall, use a single-outlet surge protector to prevent overloading of your garage door opener’s electronics.

    Heat and Humidity
    Hot and humid weather can affect your garage door and its opener. Humid conditions can cause a short in the opener, while expansion of your door’s metal tracks could cause poor movement or obstruct motion of the door completely. If you are having trouble with your garage door related to heat and humidity, it’s best to contact a repair technician to examine the system. The tracks or opener may need to be adjusted to restore smooth motion of the door.

    Snow and Ice
    Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can affect your garage door in the winter. Cold weather and ice formation can cause the door’s components to stick, so keep them lubricated for the best performance. If you don’t use your garage regularly, the door can freeze shut—you can prevent this issue by opening the door once a day. A repair technician can make adjustments to the tracks or opener if they have been affected by the cold.

    Advanced Garage Door offers garage door installation, repair, and replacement year-round in Austin, Texas. You can reach us by calling (512) 258-7878 to discuss your needs with one of our technicians or schedule a free safety inspection. Check us out on the web to find out more about the factors that affect your garage door.

    Is Metal the Right Choice for Your Garage Door?

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Your garage door is one of the largest working parts of your home. The garage door also contributes greatly to your home’s curb appeal. When choosing the material for your garage door, it’s helpful to consider the benefits of a metal door. Metal garage doors are more durable and require less maintenance than wooden ones. Although steel doors can be prone to rust if damage is not repaired promptly, aluminum doors are rust- and corrosion-resistant. Metal doors cost less than wooden doors, and often come with a longer warranty period as well. This type of material also offers enhanced security and insulation properties that cannot be matched by wooden garage doors.

    If you are considering replacing your garage door, Advanced Garage Door of Austin can provide help selecting and installing the best door for your needs. We also offer garage door repair and maintenance to ensure your garage door looks and functions its best for years to come. Call us at (512) 258-7878 or visit us on the web to learn more about our products and services. 

    A Look at the Garage Door Opener Repair Service Process

    Last updated 29 days ago

    Your garage door is one of the hardest-working mechanical features in your home. A poorly-functioning garage door—or one that isn’t working at all—can be extremely inconvenient, making it impossible to either access items inside your garage or keep them secure. Keep reading to find out what will happen when you call Advanced Garage Door for garage door opener repairs in Austin

    Step One
    The first step in the garage door repair process is an evaluation. When the Advanced Garage Door technician arrives at your home, he will ask about the trouble you have been having with your door. Next, he will perform a full inspection of your garage door, its opener, and all other components to identify the problem that is causing the malfunction.

    Step Two
    After his inspection, your Advanced Garage Door technician will provide a free report and estimate of the cost of any necessary repair work. The technician will take the time to answer your questions and offer a variety of solutions if possible to help you find the right service at the right price for your needs.

    Step Three
    Once you and your technician have agreed upon a service and a price, that service will be performed quickly and effectively. Advanced Garage Door provides repairs for a variety of garage door opener styles, including belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive openers. Whether your current garage door opener requires repairs or must be replaced with a new system, your technician will ensure that the job is completed to your satisfaction. If any future maintenance is needed, he will make appropriate suggestions.

    Step Four
    Once the technician is through, he will leave so you can enjoy your fully-functional garage door. If you have any further questions or concerns, just give us a call!

    Do you need garage door repairs in Austin or the surrounding area? Contact the experts at Advanced Garage Door by calling (512) 258-7878 for a free estimate today! We specialize in all kinds of doors and openers to ensure you get the repairs you need quickly and easily. 


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